How to write a terminating decimal less than 1 as a fraction in simplest form

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Here the "- sign" on the left hand side of the equation represents an operation; on the right hand side it forms part of the number itself.

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Continued fraction

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The quantity a n is called the order-n residue of such a p-adic integer. An ordinary integer N (also called a rational integer in this context) is a special case of a p-adic integer, whose order-n residue is simply N mod p n. The sum (or the product) of two p-adic integers is defined as the p-adic integer whose order-n residue is the sum (or the.


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The Reactive Engine A. C. Kay I wish to God these calculations were executed by steam C. Babbage, The Analytical Engine. Many of the diagrams in. Sep 12,  · We see how to write a repeating decimal as a fraction in simplest form.

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First let us examine the characteristics of terminating decimals, say The easiest way to convert this decimal into fraction is by dividing a whole number by a power of It is easy to see that all terminating decimals can be converted to a fraction of this form.

Several examples are From.

How to write a terminating decimal less than 1 as a fraction in simplest form
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